Monday, September 27, 2010

Update 9.27.2010

Keeping Busy – There is a lot going on in all the branches right now. At Kilili Tuesday Elder Blake had a wonderful meeting with those planning to go to the temple in November. They are so excited after waiting several years to get things in order. After a fun music conducting class we started keyboard class and looked out the door to see Brother Joseph (from conducting class) teaching all those waiting for temple meeting how to lead music! They were having a wonderful time. (Sunday at conference in Mitini, while Sister Blake was playing the prelude of hymns she looked at the children on the front row and caught the eye of a cute little girl from Matua, about 5-years-old, who was enjoying leading the music from her seat. They exchanged smiles.) It's fun seeing young and old learning and enjoying music and the gospel teachings!

Answers to Prayers – One family who has been planning to go to the temple has been having struggles getting copies of birth certificates. The Kenya bureaucracy is almost impossible to work with. We spent much of one afternoon miraculously getting two birth certificates; but were still missing one, that had to be obtained from a different village center. (We are so close to the deadlines for passports, visa, etc. that we still may not make it.) Thursday we took Brother Francis to Machakos. Before Elder Blake went with him to the records office we all had a prayer for help. They went to the wrong office but the man listened to their need and his heart was softened. He took a short lunch and worked hard to prepare what was needed. We left with happy hearts with prayers answered.

Wonderful Conference – Sunday we rode to Mitini Branch conference with President and Sister Broadbent. It was a special day as there were more than 300 members present crowded into the small chapel and sitting outside. We were able to borrow a sound system, which they ran with a generator, and all could hear. Broadbents are so warm and loving and the members just soaked up their words and the spirit that was there. We enjoyed having the opportunity to get better acquainted with Broadbents as we traveled also. The only glich for the day was when Elder Blake was giving the closing prayer for the leadership meeting after the block of meetings, a drunk man wandered in and caused a commotion. He was tugging on E. Blake's clothes from the back, then fell to the floor; the jolt revived him enough that he scooting around chairs to pull himself up into sitting. After prayer, he was firmly guided outside with no spirit lost, since he passed out on the ground. (I think Elder Blake was the only one who kept his eyes closed. He just kept praying.)

African Jungle – Saturday we enjoyed a visit to Abedare Park north of Nairobi near Mt. Kenya in the company of two other senior couple missionaries. What a beautiful day. We saw some animals but mostly just enjoyed driving through lush green jungle forests (tall trees, and hanging vines like the Tarzan movies picture) with beautiful streams and waterfalls. We stopped on the way to visit the cemetery where Lord Baden Powell (started the Boy Scout Program) is buried. His wife was also involved with Girl Scouts or Guides. (See pictures.) We didn't know he was buried in Africa. We made a nice contribution to Boy and Girl Scouts in honor of our favorite scouter ever, Rex B. Blake – our dad!

We are enjoying this mission experience and realize we are on the short side now. We are praying that somewhere there is a couple preparing to go on a mission who will come and love and serve here when we return home. We love you. Stay safe and well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Reading your comments takes us back to Richards Bay South Africa where we served until July 2010. We also had four small branches but none were over 45 minutes from our home and the roads were quite good. We will include you two great missionaries in our prayers.

    Are there any returned missionaries from the South Africa, Durban mission in your area? If so say hello to them from the Piers.