Monday, October 4, 2010

Update 10/4/2010

Temple Excursion in Nov. – We have been on our mission for one year. Is it possible? Time passes so quickly. This past week was filled with classes and even though it rained people came – with or without shoes! We taught the regular classes plus a new temple class and a marriage and family class. Those who are planning to go to the temple in November are working hard to finish their papers that will make it possible. One family just applied for passports last Tuesday – a month past deadline – so we're keeping them in our prayers. When passports arrive we start on visas and letters of invitation from South Africa plus letters of consent by the parents for the children to leave the country. We have to work hard that the “business” doesn't become more important than worthiness and spiritual preparation. We're excited to share the temple experience with these wonderful families in the Johannesburg, South Africa Temple. We will miss Thanksgiving Dinner with all the couples and Mission President, but will be back for the mini-conference on Friday if all goes well. With something this special there is always opposition and we know who the antagonist is!

Sickness – We made four trips this week getting people to doctors and hospitals. Even our new Elder, Elder Atkins from Johannesburg, was sick. We had to pick him up up-country and help him home. He seems to be feeling better now but President Kaseve's wife, Agnes, is still in the hospital. We appreciate the opportunity to help with rides. People in the Hills have to go so far to get medical help – and that usually means walking long distances when they are sick. // Sunday, after attending church in our high-on-the-hill branch, Ilima, we went to visit Sister Agnes at the hospital. When we arrived we found about 40 of the branch members there visiting and waiting for us to arrive to have a prayer together. What love and support. I told them if I ever get sick I'd like to feel that same love and support and faith from friends. The members had already been in church for the full block, then walked 45 minutes to the hospital. It would take some of them 2 hours to walk to their homes. Would we do that? Sometimes visiting or home teaching someone around the block seems hard to do. What wonderful lessons we are learning from the African saints.

Conference, Memories, and Blessings - We will have to wait until the Oct. 30th and 31st to watch conference on DVD, but we were able to listen to Saturday and Sunday morning sessions on our computer on I think we appreciate it even more when it isn't so readily available. Both sessions seemed to be just what we needed to hear. We also had many memories of Matt as it was six years ago Saturday that we came home from conference on our mission in Tacoma and learned of his death. We thought of him and the love we have for him. How grateful we are to know we can be together again and that this life isn't the end. // The great blessing that shared the conference day was news of the birth of Lane's and Jamie's new little daughter, Abbey. We've been racing home after each trip to check the email and see if she was here yet. She's a beautiful answer to many prayers and is home bringing great love and joy to her family!

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