Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update 9.20.2010

Work Hard/Play Hard - We've been working hard with classes, visits, preparing people for the temple, leadership; teacher training, training Kenyans to teach English, much to do. Some days we just feel drained.... We had an opportunity to go with Elder and Sister Byrd and Sister Byrd's sister to Amboseli Park for a couple of days. What a grand adventure! We drove our own truck so we could stop on the way home to teach at our “high-on-the-hill” branch, Ilima on Friday.

Amboseli National Game Park (wild habitat Preserve for 1200-1500 elephants) is about a 3 ½ hour drive south and west of Nairobi into the flat savannah Masaii Tribal lands. The scenery looked more like the picture we had in our minds of Africa. This is the dry season and there was a lot of dry, powdery dust but the animals were amazing and the lodge food delicious. Our game drives (we drove ourselves) were like being present in a National Geographic African documentary movies you might see! Even Mt. Kilamanjaro in neighboring Tanzania put on a show for us just by being visible, as it usually hides under the clouds. This blog is mostly pictures of a few of the variety of animals in their natural habitat that we never expected to see in our lifetime. We also enjoyed meeting members of the Masaii tribe in the area. They work at the lodge and sell a lot of bead work and carvings to tourists to help care for themselves and their families.

We enjoyed the scenery and animals, wonderful food, and good company but were ready to get back to missionary work (except the peanut butter sandwiches). We love what we do even with the challenges.

Have a good week and remember we love you.

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