Monday, September 6, 2010

Update 9.6.2010

Short Blog! - This was a week of preparation as some of the branches took their YM/YW on an outing. We thought we'd get so much done but our problem was making a list that was too long... (some of you will relate: like the list of things to do after you retire, but never can get to)! We have been working to help some families prepare to go to the temple in November. Many couples have had “traditional marriages” which were not recorded (nor recognized) by the government – thus no marriage certificate. To go to the temple they must have a marriage certificate. It was our pleasure to be witnesses as Brother and Sister Maneno were married last Wednesday in Nairobi. The only other people present were some of their children and Bishop Kyulu who performed the ceremony. They are a special couple who have been trying for a long time to get their papers in order for this special occasion. The government had lost Sister Beth's ID papers and they were just located in July! Their son recently returned from a mission and they are anxious to finally be sealed as a family.

No More Bites – We are happy to report that after a double dose of lotion and oral medication, Elder Blake is bite-free (at least at the present time). The doctor cautioned him to be careful not to go where he'd get them again. Our problem is that we don't know where that is! We're just grateful for a reprieve for now.

Home Visit – After teaching classes Thursday we walked down to Brother Francis' and Sister Sarah's home to help with some temple preparation. One of their sons did not join the Church with the family so we took the missionaries with us to teach him while we visited with the parents. They live in a very simple home in a beautiful area with a marvelous view. We feel privileged to be welcomed into people's homes. We followed the little barefooted children down the trail to their home. They ran down like little mountain goats. Sister Blake's slick shoes didn't do too well but Elder Blake helped keep her from falling. (He's good for all kinds of things!) Back up was not as hard. Their baby was named “Ann”after Sister Blake, so there's a soft spot in her heart for this sweet little one.

Testimony Meeting - Sunday in Kyambeke was testimony meeting. What strength we felt from the young people who bore the majority of testimonies. We could just imagine what the Church will be like when they are the strong leaders! There are over 50 YM and YW in the branch. Most of them plan on missions. By the time we leave there will be at least 7-10 missionaries who have left from the branches we serve during our time here.

Have a wonderful week! We think of you often with love and appreciation.

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