Monday, March 29, 2010

Update 3/29/2010

Kilili Music Recital: We visited the farthest away branch, Kilili, yesterday and spoke in sacrament meeting. During Sunday School we met with the two couples who are preparing to go to the temple to begin work on their family group records and review their progress to get passports. It is such a long procedure and they are anxious to be ready. It looks like it will be November before everything is in order. We're excited for them. There are two neat Sisters there who are ready to be baptized too. Good things are happening.

A special part of the day was a first ever “keyboard recital,” after the church block of meetings; presented by five of the branch sisters who have been studying keyboard with Sister Blake. The event was enjoyed by about 80 branch members and friends who cheered on the budding musicians. It was great!

Teaching and Leadership: Tuesday an English Teachers Workshop was held in Kyambeke for English teachers from three of the branches, where they practice taught and prepared teaching materials. The teachers seemed excited to have new materials and enjoyed working with each other. Wednesday we held a leadership/teaching conference in Mitini for all leaders and teachers. The leaders there are eager to learn and open to suggestions. For both of these activities we served sliced white bread with peanut butter and jelly and banana bread with an orange drink. This seems to be the favorite refreshments and they are so appreciative.

New Missionaries: Wednesday we brought our good friend, Michael (Elder Nzuki) back to Nairobi to go on his mission. Elder Blake was able to stand in as he was set apart and given a beautiful blessing by President Taylor. He will bless many lives as he already has here with his missionary work. We will miss him. Another special young is awaiting his call, and five others are in various stages of preparation for mission calls in the next few months. The young people here are preparing and look forward to the opportunity to serve. It's fun to be part of their enthusiasm!

African Culture: On Friday afternoon we took a little diversion and went to Bomas of Kenya, an African Cultural Center just outside of Nairobi. On a kilometer-long walking path in the jungle setting they have authentic village displays of early huts for many of the tribes. It was interesting to see them – especially the Kamba Village, as the people we work with are of that tribe and speak Kikamba. What was interesting is that up in the Hills where we work, every day we see the same types of villages and huts that are present dwellings of the members and their neighbors. / There is also a large hall where they perform African music and dancing and even had an acrobatic troupe that were amazing. The most fun part was watching the 100s (thousands?) of school children who attended for their “field days” or whatever they are called here. They laughed and clapped and moved with the rhythm of the music. During one dance the performers invited all who wanted to to come and dance with them and many of the children (and adults) joined. During one of the dances an African dancer girl invited Elder Blake to join them but he “respectfully declined.” He said he didn't have his dancing shoes :-)

We hope you are all well and happy and keep you in our prayers. Stay safe!

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  1. Looks like fun! The difference of cultures from America versus Africa is simply Amazing! Makes ya wonder who is really more blessed? Sometimes, less is more... It appears that most of those people appreciate even the little things far more than most Americans do! :-) n (Devan)