Monday, March 15, 2010

Update 3.15.2010

Rains and Planting Season: We are going into the rainy season and this is a busy time in our areas because everyone is cultivating (by hand) and planting. We had rain and slick roads this week and wondered if we should cancel classes because everyone was so busy. Classes were smaller but we enjoyed those who were able to come.

After the temple class in Mitini (just five men came because the moms didn't want to bring the babies in the rain), one of the brothers asked how our son (Scott) was doing. We had told them about his second back surgery. We reported that he was healing well and he said they knew he would be okay because they had all been praying for him. They didn't know (Scott's) name so they prayed for Elder and Sister Blake's son. They have such strong faith and are an example to us.

New Missionary: Our good friend, Michael, will be leaving shortly for his mission to Cape Town, South Africa. He rode home with us to Nairobi so he could shop for what he needs for his mission. He's only been a member for a little over a year and has been a great influence in the growth of the Church in the Kilungu Hills. He's also helped teach and prepare investigators for baptism in two branches. We will miss him and we know he won't return until we have already gone home. There will be a grand reunion in heaven someday with these wonderful people.

School Fire: Saturday we took a truckload of blankets and cleaning buckets up to Kyambeke where the Boys Secondary School dormitory had burned down. LDS Charities also had a load of mattresses delivered. The principal and students were so appreciative. We wish members of the Church all over the world could see how much their contributions to fast offerings and the humanitarian fund are appreciated. The Church is really making a difference in many people's lives and there is such a need.

Sunday: We spoke in church and Elder Blake taught the new member class while Sister Blake attended primary. We love the beautiful children and the leaders are trying so hard to teach them. It is especially hard with the music as the teachers and leaders don't know any of the songs and don't have a good way to learn them! Mitini Branch got a CD player just this week but they can only use it at the church with batteries so it's hard to memorize the music to teach to the children. We've set up a three-branch Primary Leadership Conference in April to teach the music. We'll see how that goes!

A few more animals: We see that most of the Savanah animals have migrated – far fewer sightings in the past 6+ weeks. We haven't been here long enough to predict the migration patterns yet – we'll just watch and wait for their return. We did see four giraffes and a herd of about 100 camels near the roads on our way home yesterday. It makes the drive interesting.

Have a good week. We will be thinking of you!

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