Monday, January 10, 2011

Update 1.10.2011

Four Days in the Hills – Early Tuesday we left to meet with the saints in Kilili. It's getting dry everywhere and we could see signs of the maize wilting when it should be tassling. We pray for rain soon. The music classes enjoyed preparing to present a little program to our family (Scott, Lisa, and children who will be here next Sunday!) when they visit there on the 18th. It helps to have a fun goal for people to practice. We took our usual shortcut from Kilili to where we stay at Precious Blood (1 ½ hours instead of 2 ½ ) to see if we thought the mission van could make it. (We are borrowing it while family is here.) We decided that it might be a little too much of an “African experience” and that our company might decide to pack up and go home!

Classes weren't as large this week as it is harvest time for mangos and people are getting their children back in school . This is the beginning of the school year instead of August or September in Utah. We enjoyed the days however, as we did primary and relief society training, and started a new temple class in one branch while continuing a class in another. In one class we are working on family history (family group and pedigree charts) but also helping them start their life stories. There is very little recorded history here. Many haven't had access to pencils, paper, or education to learn how to read and write. The next generation in the church here will be easier because most of them learn English in school, which most attend. Right now is a transition period. We gave the class members papers, pencils, and a list of “suggested life story information” (including testimony) to put in a history, with a promise that Sister Blake would type anything they wrote and get it back for correction if they would hurry before we leave in early April. We'll see what happens.

One afternoon was spent visiting. On one visit the new member wasn't home but we got lost on the way and met some of his very nice neighbors. We'll send the missionaries there. The other visit was to Josephat's family. He was baptized one week ago. His blind son has studied to be a chiropractor. He would like to work out of his home and Sister Blake was his first customer! It was an interesting experience. During the last part of the treatment Elder Blake showed “Finding Faith in Christ” on our battery-operated DVD player to Josephat, his wife, and a neighbor lady, while Boneface listened as he worked on Sister Blake. They all seemed to really enjoy it as they are very familiar with the bible.

It was a good week and staying busy was therapeutic. We were able to be in touch by cell phone each morning (evening in Idaho!) and hear a report on Dad's funeral. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes at this time. We are grateful for our many blessings, and we count you as a major part of them. Stay safe and happy.

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  1. We learn so much by reading about the work you are doing. We will have to take lessons from you when we are called to serve a proselyting mission. You have great ideas about how to love and serve the people!