Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Greeting 2010

(Note: Many couldn't open our Christmas letter so we have published a version of it here. Have a wonderful Christmas.)

A Mission Christmas Greeting to Family and Friends
Kenya, Africa - 2010

At this season of the year when we
celebrate the birth of our Savior,
our thoughts go to
dear family and friends.
In remembering you at Christmas
we share this poem that
has been meaningful to us.
I wasn't there to see the star
That brightly led the way,
But I can have the Savior's light
To guide me every day.
I didn't feel the gentle peace
That fell on earth that night,
But I can feel His Spirit
When I'm doing what is right.
I didn't watch while Mary held
Her precious little one,
But I don't have to see to know
He is God's Chosen Son.
I wasn't with the shepherds
When they learned of Jesus's birth,
But I can learn and share His word
With others here on earth.
I didn't know the Wise Men,
With their treasures rare to give,
But I can give a priceless gift
Just in the way I live.
I didn't hear the angels sing,
Hosannas sweet and clear,
But I can praise and honor Him
Each day throughout the year.
by Wendy Ellison
Please accept this letter as our Christmas
greeting, and know that we
are thinking of you with love.
May this Christmas
be special, and memorable,
and the new year bring you
peace and joy.
Merry Christmas with love,
Elder and Sister Blake

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