Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update 6.12.2010

Home Evening with Sister Missionaries - For our home evening turn we invited the sister missionaries to come and tell us about themselves and about what missionary work is like for them in Nairobi. Most of the couples in our housing complex have special area assignments in Public Relations, CES, PEF, Employment, etc. and aren't involved in regular missionary work. Sister Ngosi is from Johannesburg, South Africa and the other sister is from Chyulu here in Kenya. They are beautiful girls and hard working missionaries. Sister Ngosi's father passed away a few years ago and her mother passed away just before she came on her mission. We love them and appreciated the special spirit they shared with us.

New Elders – Tuesday we headed for the Hills to stay for two days. The Elders had Zone Conference in Nairobi and were not available to help with classes. We are trying to learn how to best help them. Everything is so far away from where they live and they are just getting acquainted in the area. Elder Berg is the only white person in Kalongo where they stay, and in the area! They don't complain but we see their challenges. We took them with us to our high-on-the-hill branch, Ilima, on Friday and invited them to dinner with us in Kikoko (Precious Blood) on Sunday. They were so excited. We'll see how we do with one gas burner and a plug in pot! It could be an interesting dinner. We'll plan with them and see how we can work together.

More Hospital Patients – On our way to the Hills Tuesday we were hurrying because we were late when we received a call from the Ilima Branch President who had a member in Kikoko hospital. He asked us to check on his branch member who was very sick. We did make the visit and talk to Sister Mary Agatha at the hospital. We were amazed that even though we were late we were able to do what we needed to do and be on time to our classes. It was almost like the clock stood still. We're still not sure how that happened.

Progress – We enjoyed our classes and can see some progress being made. It isn't as fast as we would hope and we are learning patience, but it is happening. It's fun to see the new members reading their scriptures and marking them. We enjoy seeing the English students starting to speak a little and understand some English, and some of the keyboard students are really taking off . There are some who will never really be able to play much but they are “enjoying the journey” and love being involved.

Ilima Relief Society – High-on-the-hill, Ilima, scheduled their Relief Society meeting while we were there. It was nice to see them instruct the sisters in visiting teaching and then they divided the sisters into two groups. One group was teaching the sisters how to use the treadle sewing machine and the other group was learning to make bags to hang on the wall to organize their clothes. All sisters were involved and enjoying just being together. Most don't speak much English but they all made Sis. Blake feel very welcome and needed.

It's been a good week. Again, thanks for your encouragement, thoughts and prayers. It almost seems trite to mention it each week, but it helps more than you could know. We love you.

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  1. Sure glad you both seem to be feeling better. Im proud of you for your dedication and sense of adventure! :-) Keep up the good work!