Monday, May 24, 2010

Update 5.24.2010

Health Report – No new bug bites this week! Maybe we've solved the problem. Sister Blake has a chest cold but missionary overall health is good.

Classes – Keyboard, after baptism, music conducting, temple preparation classes – all were enjoyable this week. What a fun experience to see people progressing and so anxious to learn. While traveling to our Precious Blood apartment we realized we needed some bread, so Elder Blake stopped to buy a loaf at one of the little kiosks near where we stay. We had a good laugh as it was about the size of thee dinner rolls. It was cute and we made toast on our little cooker. (See picture.)

Visiting Teaching Workshop – We helped with a visiting teaching workshop at Kyambeke which was delightful. To make sure the sisters understood visiting teaching suggestions Sister Anna (Relief Society President) interpreted Sister Blake's talk into Kikamba. They also played a game like musical chairs except it was called “Do You Love Your Neighbor.” The sisters really got into it and it was fun. When the brothers are around they seem a little quiet and shy but on their own they really have a good time. Refreshments were... you guessed it - bread and soda! (Picture)

Beautiful Outing”– Friday we taught at our high-on-the-hill branch, Ilima. It was perfect weather. On the way up we said, “Here we are having a drive in the beautiful, green mountains; going to see some good friends, and then planning to have a picnic on the way home. What could be nicer? After class we hiked down (and back up!) to the Chuvi home to take missionary application pictures for the two sons turning in their missionary applications. We also took a picture of their mother and three younger sibling who were sitting in the yard watching the funny Mzungus take pictures.

New Baby - On the way home we were tired and when we got to Nunguni we saw the Mitini Branch President who waved us down. He had been about 80 kilometers away to help one of the branch members home from the hospital after having a C-section. There were 5 people all needing rides the rest of the way to Matua (new Mitini area) – mother and baby, father, grandmother, and President Kaseve. We loaded them all in (with Sister Blake sitting on the center hump between driver and passenger!) as we headed into the back country over very bumpy “roads.” The poor little mother who had just had a C-section hurt over every bump. When we finally arrived we hiked her up the mountain side through 3-4 shambas to get to her hut. We thought we'd just hurry her in and leave so she could rest, but President Kaseve had other plans. He called all extended family members together for a short devotional and prayer for the family and new baby. What a special spirit was there.

It's a boy – a missionary!” On the way to Matua Sister Blake asked if the baby was a boy or girl. The mother, who was only baptized in December, said, “It's a boy – a missionary!” Her husband has been working in Nairobi and isn't a member, but that was her testimony, that her son would be a missionary. Thirteen children followed us out to the truck and Elder Blake gave them each a little treat. We can't do it at the church or we'd be trampled, but there is was fun. What beautiful children.

Utah Jazz in Africa? - On the way to church Sunday we saw a matatu with Karl Malone's name in big letters and Utah Jazz stickers. We thought Grandma Maxwell would enjoy this picture.

More Bracelets – We attended church at Ilima also this week and gave CTR bracelets to primary and young women. They were so excited. We wish April could have seen them. It has become a living legacy on the mountain.

It's been a good week for us and hope it has been for you. We give you our love and keep you in our prayers.

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  1. I am so happy to find your blog. My son, Elder Brian Clark will soon be transferred to Kilungu Hills. If you see him and are allowed to hug the missionaries, please give him a hug from me. :) Sandy Clark