Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update 1/16/2010

...Sleep tight, Don' let the bedbugs bite.” This little phrase we have said to our children over the years has a whole new meaning to us now! Elder Blake's legs look like a hoard of hungry mosquitoes had a feast. We didn't know what was wrong until someone mentioned bedbugs and in looking on the Internet the welts looked just like his legs. We think they were in the old mattress under the foam pad at Precious Blood. He tried sleeping on that to see if it worked better and they must have been hiding out waiting for him! They must not like me (and I'm grateful). We are now prepared with a chemical spray given to missionaries. We are to spray everything and then let it dry three hours. We will use it Tuesday when we go again. Watch out bedbugs!(You don't want to see pictures of this!)

You're going to buy what on that street corner?!” Elder Blake's mission suit is ready for retirement. This is its third mission (given to him by Brother Bergeson's wife when he passed away after their mission to South America) and the fabric is going the way of all old cloth. He didn't think he'd use it much here and he enjoyed the light, cool fabric. I gave him a certificate for Christmas for a new one. On the way home last week we saw a man, along side of the road, with suits laid out on the ground – pants on one side and coats on the other. We pulled off the road (the best we could) and Elder Blake went to investigate while I waited in the truck and prayed no one would run into us! They measured his legs, waist, etc., tried on several coats, chose a likely one, and then began to dicker on price. We had heard that “Mzungus” (white people) are charged way more than native people, but Elder Blake can bargain with the best of them. The result is a nice new suit (at a good price) which Sister Blake took in and up, gave a good press job, and is ready for church tomorrow. “Merry Christmas” Elder Blake. (We wish we had pictures of this event!)

Best part of the week. Wednesday we had one of the most rewarding, spiritual days of teaching on our mission. Elder Blake has been training members to teach each other English (to learners on different speaking levels). Wednesday the new teachers were with their groups separated into three competency levels in different corners of the room and having a wonderful time teaching while Elder Blake enjoyed watching them. Sister Blake taught investigators and showed them the Restoration DVD. The spirit was so strong that they didn't want to leave when the class was over. // As we were ending, another man came. Elder Blake met him a week ago as he was trying to get his daughter enrolled in Precious Blood school. He'd invited him to the branch and he had shown up. I had to go teach a music class but the YSA branch missionaries whom we have been training taught the investigator class again to this man and the rest of the class stayed to hear it again! It was a perfect experience to show them what the spirit feels like.

Watching over us. On our way home we stopped down the road a little ways to get organized and get out our lunch (it was time by 3:00!). As we were just getting started again our phone rang. It was the branch president. Someone had called him to tell him we were stopped on the road and he wanted to know if we were okay. They take such good care of us. (We must seem awfully old to them :) ) We feel blessed.

Pictured above - some of the beautiful flowers of Kenya: Top picture is from our Nairobi apartment window across the housing complex; Next two pictures are at Precious Blood.

Another blessing. Our son, Scott, had emergency back surgery this week and is healing well (although not as fast as he would like). They were blessed as the neurosurgeons they needed were available and they were able to perform the surgery that very day. Our prayers are that he will continue to get better. How we love all of our family and keep them always in our prayers.

We wish family and friends a good week!

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