Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update 11/30/2009

It's a beautiful Monday morning in Kenya and our thoughts turn to family and friends. We hope all is well with you and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We had an enjoyable week. Tuesday after class in Kyambeke we visited the Precious Blood Girls' School and met with the principal, Sister Mary Joyce, at the convent. Our plan was to offer to volunteer at the school and, when trust was gained, see if there was a place we could stay on the campus one night a week to save travel time. She was a little aloof at first, but warmed up as we visited. (Elder Blake is good at visiting.) She hadn't heard of the church before and was interested that we were unpaid volunteer missionaries. We shared some of our beliefs and she had a hard time understanding that we didn't drink alcohol and wondered what we used for the sacrament. Not drinking tea was unheard of! School was out for the holidays that day with all the girls leaving the next morning. Sister Mary Joyce was also leaving for some additional Masters degree studies. However, she showed us around the campus and agreed to let us stay in the Home Ec. area of the school. There are four small rooms (that seem clean), one with a single-size bed (sloped in the middle!), a reading room, a room with a table (but no cooking facilities), and a bathroom (I think even a shower). They even have electricity so we can study at night. Because we are unpaid missionaries she is only charging us 500 shillings per night (about $7). We'll take our own food and water but it will be so nice to save the 5 hours+ of travel time and wear and tear on our bodies! We also feel safe as there is a guarded gate. At least we will try it out and see how it works.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with the other couple missionaries at the mission president's home. All contributed and the dinner was delicious. The best part was the meeting after. There were 11 couples counting the mission president and his wife. President Taylor is a very kind and loving person - very unassuming - a farmer from Idaho Falls. He has a wonderful sense of humor. We've learned so much from him. Another special part of Thanksgiving was Skyping with family. How blessed we are with modern technology!

Above: Top picture -  out to dinner with other couple missionaries and Bottom picture President Taylor and Sister Blake at Thanksgiving dinner with other missionaries.

I'd better run. We have an early morning tomorrow. We love the work and we love the people. Thanks for the love, support, and prayers of our family and good friends. Have a wonderful and safe week.

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